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Link your Shop Management System directly to your Vendor’s Nexpart e-commerce site.

Many popular Shop Management Systems (SMS) are WHI Solutions Certified Partners. If you’re a Customer of a WHI Certified SMS Partner, your SMS can seamlessly work together with Nexpart.

Nexpart User Interface Integration (Nexlink)

The Nexpart User Interface integration (Nexlink) allows you to pass vehicle and part information between an SMS estimate or repair order and your vendor’s Nexpart site.

You can start an estimate or repair order, instantly jump to your distributor’s Nexpart site with the customer’s vehicle predefined, look-up or order parts and have the part numbers, descriptions and pricing passed back to your estimate or repair order instantly. This dramatically reduces re-keying of vehicle and part information, ensures order accuracy, and increases customer satisfaction.

Certified SMS partners have made the software changes necessary to be compatible with the current integration specification. See below for the specific software versions that are certified. Please contact your SMS provider for more information or to upgrade to a version that is certified with the Nexlink integration.

Certified SMS Partners

Full list of SMS partners: