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Link your Shop Management System (SMS) directly to Multi -Seller or your Vendor’s Nexpart e-commerce site.

Many popular Shop Management Systems (SMS) are WHI Solutions Certified Partners. If you’re a Customer of a WHI Certified SMS Partner, your SMS can seamlessly work together by passing vehicle information to pre-populate part results. The selected part information is then sent to your SMS estimate. Once the vehicle owner is ready to proceed, the parts can instantly be sent to the cart with the assigned Vendor(s) and the order placed. The order information is captured and returned to the repair order

See below for the list of SMS partners and the specific software versions thereof that are certified. Please contact your SMS provider for more information or to upgrade to a version that is certified.

Nexpart Multi-Seller Certified SMS Partners

Nexpart Multi-Seller Pending Certification SMS Partners

Nexpart Certified SMS Partners

Full list of SMS partners: