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Heavy Duty

Increase parts sales & reduce costs by offering real-time self-service ordering.

WHI Solutions Nexpart B2B and B2C eCommerce parts selling technology offers increased selling opportunities for Heavy Duty Dealers.

Nexpart is integrated to over 43,000 seller locations and over 370,000 active buyers, resulting in over $5.1 billion in eCommerce sales annually.

The Heavy Duty community has embraced Nexpart as the new ordering standard for HD parts. Truck and trailer fleets for both OE and Aftermarket use Nexpart to communicate orders to their suppliers. Heavy Duty customers include PACCAR (Kenworth and Peterbilt), Volvo/Mack, VIPAR, several Navistar/International dealers, along with many independent dealers.

Move Inventory through multiple selling streams

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. Nexpart B2B
. Nexpart eBay Link
. Nexpart B2C
. Nexpart Business Intelligence
. Nexpart SourceIT

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. HD Cloud-hosted Catalog Integrated Into Selling Interface
. Custom Non-Application Catalog
. Competitive Interchange Data Feeds