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In August of 2022, WHI Solutions acquired Illumaware and their premier catalog data publishing tool, Evokat. WHI is excited to add Evocat to our suite of automotive solutions.

Aftermarket Catalog Authoring & Publishing Solution

Evocat provides an ultra flexible approach to product information management that allows you to provide unique sets of data to your receivers, allowing you to manage all of their disparate requests in one place. You to have complete flexibility over how you identify and define your fitment, and with a revamped authoring process, it is easier than ever to build your catalog how you want it for publication into Nexpart and beyond.

– Intuitive Modern Design
– Customizable Authoring and Reporting
– Flexibility, Ease of Use, and Exceptional Customer Service

What We Do

Sellers worldwide understand the need to provide valid ACES and PIES data, but don’t have the resources or bandwidth to properly maintain this critical business asset and keep up with the different requirements of their receivers. We work to give our partners a consistent and clear path to meeting the changing requirements of our industry.

Who We Serve

From product manufacturers, to importers, to distributers, the Evocat solution provides value at each stage of the distribution process. Manufacturers use Evocat to author product and application data directly, while distributors use Evocat as an aggregation point for fitment data provided by their suppliers. Access to the VCDB, and visibility into user supplied VIO or Motor Information Systems OE data, can provide value beyond basic data authoring.

How We Succeed

We know technology; you know your product. We have built a solution that gives you the flexibility to author your catalog in a way that fits your products the best. We don’t know your fitment, but we can translate your data into multiple formats to meet the ever changing needs of the industry.

Built For A Modern Workforce

Evocat leverages SaaS to be the best data creation, maintenance and distribution tool in the automotive aftermarket. Online access ensures Evocat users can manage their data from anywhere in the world 24/7/365 and a cloud based solution means you don’t have to purchase or maintain any additional hardware or software to use Evocat, just an Internet connection.

Data Health Metrics

Your fitment records are a critical business asset, yet anyone who is being honest about authoring automotive catalogs in today’s world will describe it, at best, as trying to hit a moving target. Every month new vehicles are added and existing vehicles redefined. Every month new research changes existing OE fitment patterns; while opening new trading channels adds additional data requirements.
Coverage metrics are a critical component of building your catalog, from both a vehicle and product perspective. Evocat leverages easy to understand charts, where possible, to illustrate opportunities to add data more in line with your coverage goals.

Flexible And Robust

Every product type is different in some way, and those differences are often reflected in the way that fitment is defined for each part. Our mapping process is completely configurable, allowing you to decide if a simple Year/Make/Model definition is sufficient, or if your parts required additional levels of detail by adding engines, fuel types, body styles, and more.
Whether it is due to private label requirements or the custom data demands of your channel partners, in today’s marketplace you need flexibility to tailor product information to unique branding requirements. Evocat delivers on our promise of being a source of truth for your ACES and PIES data by allowing brand specific overrides of any PIES data element, as well as targeting of select ACES fitment notes.

A Look Inside Your New Authoring System

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