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Powerfully Simple Analysis

More parts sellers use WHI’s Business Intelligence suite than any other to get results

Nexpart Business Intelligence is a powerful web based application that enables users to log in and perform in-depth analysis and trending of their transaction data. Extend WHI’s Data Warehouse to your entire organization by integrating your stores sales and inventory data. Get real data transparency and truly understand your business with Nexpart Business Intelligence.

Endless Customization Applies Your Data to Your Business

Nexpart BI delivers any type of report – batch, production, managed, ad hoc query Reports can be opened in a variety of formats to meet user needs. Detail level information is available by clicking any item of interest in any chart, graph, or report.

Nexpart Business Intelligence offers the ability to analyze your business from multiple dimensions with the freedom to navigate through the data without restriction. Our web-based interface allows for the creation and delivery of dashboard views that are customized by each users’ access and security settings. Critical aspects of your organization can quickly and easily be accessed to continue to improve your bottom line.


WHI’s Business Intelligence UI Features

Nexpart Business Intelligence

Inventory Decision Support System



A look inside our workflow

Brief introduction of our product

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Sponsor Analysis

  • Analysis across multiple Distributor sites
  • Lost Sales based on unavailability
  • Promotions usage and effectiveness

Buying Group Member Analysis Capabilities

  • Product Line Analysis - You control how product information is viewed, drilling down to the data you need.
  • Product Analysis by Customer - Always know what is going on with each of your accounts.
  • Salesperson Analysis - Identify outliers and increase efficiency of your sales staff
  • Compare your sales and inventory to the group (in aggregate)