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WHI was founded as in March of 1999, and over the next several years grew from a B2C ecommerce channel to licensing technology to wholesale distributors selling online, with WHI providing full ebusiness solutions. The early 2000s brought about the addition of a robust electronic parts catalog as well as an integrated web based store management product, creating a complete suite of integrated solutions that helped companies cost effectively move their business onto the web, increase sales, improve customer service and reduce cost.

As a result, WHI has grown into the #1 provider of web based ebusiness applications for the transportation industry. In fact, both Deliotte & Touche and Inc Magazine have recognized WHI as one of the fastest growing software companies in the country.

We pride ourselves in providing the fastest and most reliable applications (Over 99.99% uptime) in the industry and consistently delivering projects on time, allowing customers to be first to market with new and innovative products. This combined with decades of unique and deep understanding of the industry is what allows us to deliver best in class solutions.

The leading provider of cloud-based solutions to automotive parts sellers

Founded in 1999

Acquired by eBay in 2012

#1 in B2B eCommerce

Customers in 10 countries

Products in 3 languages

Inc. Magazine Top 5000

Regional Office in 2145 HAMILTON AVE, San Jose, California 95125