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Sell Automotive Parts on eBay Easily and Profitably

Nexpart eBay Link is the #1 eBay listing tool for automotive professionals. eBay Link takes your supplied parts inventory and pricing, automatically adds descriptions and images, then maps each part to vehicle fitments and eBay categories. Your recurring rules automatically list your inventory on eBay Motors. Orders from eBay are sent directly to your integrated Warehouse, Jobber or Dealer Management System (DMS) for easy fulfillment.

Selling parts online is a great way to increase inventory turns and grow revenue. It is tough, however, to crack the code and make online sales profitable without using a powerful tool like our eBay Link solution. Find out more


Automated Content Creation, Listing Insertion & Order Processing
Nexpart eBay Link automates most of the time-consuming research, pricing, listing and fulfillment processes to create a truly profitable business-to-consumer channel for the parts seller.

You can literally list thousands of parts in minutes. Nexpart eBay Link then creates a single listing per part that is searchable by vehicle and description, even if it fits hundreds of different vehicles. A buyer searching for a 2007 Infiniti M35 crank sensor will find your professional-looking listing, and it will confirm that it fits their car.

Orders are sent in real time to your DMS; printing pick tickets and adjusting inventory. All live eBay listings are continually updated with quantity and price changes from your DMS to ensure high service levels and positive feedback.

Bigger Profits for Parts Sellers

Sellers using Nexpart eBay Link list on average 50,000 parts in their store, maximizing their selling opportunity and minimizing the work. Combined with our exclusive eBay pricing, Nexpart eBay Link is the fastest, easiest and most profitable way to sell online.

Integration at Its Best

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List More & Sell More with Automated Listing & Re-Listing

Apply your listing and shipping rules for a part number, a part type or globally

Be profitable with Shipping by setting rules to allow free, fixed and calculated items for different brands, part categories or specific items in your inventory

Update items in bulk

Out of Stock are automatically relisted when they come back in stock

New items are automatically listed using category automatic listing rules

Save Time & Money with Free Program Features

Free eBay Store (save $19.95/month)

Free Selling Manager Pro (save $15.99/month)

No listing Insertion Fees* (save $0.20 per listing/month)

Free Subtitles (save $1.50 per listing)

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