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Today’s parts wholesalers are under increasing pressure to improve service to customers and keep prices competitive.   If a solution could:

  • Drive 50% of your business to unattended sales
  • Grow your business every day without adding to payroll
  • Allow your customers to get quotes, place orders and access statements 24x7x365
  • Pay for itself in as little as two months by increasing sales by 7% and reducing cost of sales by 80%.

Wouldn't you want it?   Mark Mason, the Information Services Director of Paul McHenry & Company, serving Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey, took the plunge, and is thrilled that he did. "Nexpart is our online portal, and it's been fantastic," he said. "Before Nexpart our online sales were zero, now we average $850,000 per month in online sales alone. We've done that with decreased manpower, and at the same time we've increased convenience to our customers. Nexpart is immeasurably superior to the old phone and fax way of doing business."

How does this magic happen? It's quite simple, actually. With just an internet browser, Nexpart customers have continuous access to an online ordering service customized for their particular business. Customers can enter part numbers, use the online catalog complete with part pictures, check price and availability from multiple branches and order parts. The pick ticket prints in the warehouse and the parts are delivered as they've always been. Nexpart does all the work as a website that can is branded for your business. All you have to do is watch the money roll in.

And it's not just distributors who are thrilled with Nexpart. Customers love the breadth of the catalog, late model coverage, and the fact they can begin using the product with little to no training. Nina Amato of B & B Auto Supply said her employees picked up Nexpart quickly and were glad to see its arrival.

Rob Stewart helps manage 70 stores in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana for KOI Auto Parts. He sees Nexpart as a tool to create customer loyalty, increase employee satisfaction and expectations. "The online ordering is so seductive it really locks customers in, especially the new ones. And the fact that Nexpart never closes helps position us as a primary vendor," he said. Stewart described Nexpart's reception from employees as, "Very good. Employees see almost immediately that they are providing better service. They also recognize that this is much more efficient than trying to communicate by phone or fax. In our case, employees are freed up to spend more time growing the business since the mundane order taking is handled by Nexpart."

Jim Olson, the Merchandise Director of Superior Auto Parts in Northern California says his company has seen double-digit monthly growth without adding to its payroll. "Our wholesale business is up 20 percent, and we attribute that to the ability our customers have to order when it's convenient for them instead of needing to conform to our availability," he said. "As a result, Nexpart paid for itself in less than eight months." According to Amato, B&B Auto Supply's payback was even faster. "We recovered our investment in two months," she said.

As with any automated system, there is always the possibility of resentment from employees who might fear being replaced. According to Olson, Superior Auto Parts mitigated such fears by making the counterman's job more creative. "With Nexpart, there is much less need for data entry, and the counterman loved it. Instead, they spend their days solving customer problems and adding value. As a result, we have a happier, more satisfied team."

Olson also cited the stability of Nexpart as another plus. "We were early adopters when it came to technology, and we've seen a few software companies come and go," he remembered. "We're much happier tying our horse to a wagon that's stable and going to be around for awhile."

Even though Nexpart is universally lauded as being nearly problem-free, occasionally there are issues. Fortunately, WHI stands behind its products. Paul McHenry's Mason describes WHI’s support and responsiveness as "fantastic." He said that, "Whenever there has been a problem WHI has been great about solving the issue." They have come through for us every time."

All in all, Nexpart has delivered more than its customers expected and has delighted nearly everyone who has touched it. "Nexpart has done everything I thought it would do and more than our customers originally believed," said KOI's Stewart. "It's night and day better than anything on the market," said Tim Archer, VP of Operations for Superior Auto Parts. "It exceeded our expectations, and they were high to begin with," said Amato of B&B Auto Supply serving the Pacific Northwest from Portland.

Nexpart unambiguously delivers huge revenue growth, a prompt ROI, employee satisfaction and delighted customers. Sound good? We'd love to hear from you.

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