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NAFA 2024 Institute & Expo: A Technological Revolution in Fleet Management

Posted on: June 11th, 2024

The Annual 2024 NAFA Institute & Expo, hosted by the National Association of Fleet Administrators (NAFA), was an exhilarating convergence of innovation and expertise, spotlighting the transformative impact of technology on the fleet management industry. From April 22-24, at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, TX was abuzz with industry leaders, tech innovators, and fleet professionals eager to explore the future of fleet management. One of the overall themes of the conference was the need for fleets to find operational efficiencies. Here are some takeaways we noted from the conference.

NAFA 100 Best Fleets in the Americas program

We are proud sponsors of the program that recognizes peak performing public and commercial fleet operations, as well as the top Fleet Technician and Fleet Professional of the year. As a sponsor of the 100 Best Fleets program Nexpart’s own Jake Olsen was honored to present the 2024 Fleet Technician of the Year Award to Curtis Mullins representing the City of Round Rock, TX during the conference.

Predictive Analytics for Operational Efficiency

Predictive analytics is extending its reach beyond vehicle maintenance. Exhibitors demonstrated how predictive models can optimize route planning, fuel management, and even anticipate supply chain disruptions. These insights are invaluable for enhancing operational efficiency and reducing costs.

Integrated Fleet Data Platforms

Leading companies introduced comprehensive data platforms that integrate telematics, maintenance records, and operational data into unified dashboards. These platforms enable fleet managers to make informed decisions based on a holistic view of their fleet’s performance and health.

Part Sourcing Efficiencies

With the thought of New Solutions to help fleets run more efficiently part sourcing isn’t considered the main pain point needing to be fixed. It is estimated that around 1/8th of a service advisor’s time is spent sourcing parts. A solution like Multi-Seller can reduce the time spent sourcing parts from different sellers freeing up techs time for other projects.


The 2024 NAFA Institute & Expo was a vivid demonstration of the technological strides driving the future of fleet management. Which was clear from the innovations on display set to transform the industry, making it more efficient, connected, and sustainable.

As we move forward, embracing these technologies will be crucial for fleet managers seeking to stay ahead of the curve and capitalize on the new opportunities they present. The insights and solutions shared at this year’s conference offer a glimpse into a future where technology seamlessly integrates into every facet of fleet operations, driving unprecedented levels of performance and sustainability.

We look forward to continuing to support the NAFA organization and hope you join us for the upcoming 100 Best Webinar series on “Initiatives” being held June 17, 2024. Click Here to register for the webinar.