Nexpart Virtual Inventory Benefits


Your employees simply type a website address in their Internet browser, enter a username and password, and begin ordering. There are no CD-ROMs to load, no software to update, and Nexpart is so simple and intuitive employees will be ordering in minutes with no time-consuming training issues.

Stock checks, catalog lookups and order placement are measured in seconds-even on dial-up connections! Employees can also get two things done at once. While employees are searching for and ordering parts, they can keep focused on their customers or other business needs.

Employees can save one-time orders to be used at a later time or save repeat stock orders. Employees can even import large stock orders into Nexpart - giving the customer a detailed advanced order confirmation.

Employees get the right part the first time. Eliminate misunderstandings, language barrier issues, mis-keyed part numbers or misinterpreted vehicle information. Fewer returns, less headaches, increased satisfaction.

Parts ordering after the order desk closed? No problem. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, employees can place orders and have it waiting for the driver first thing the following workday. Also, orders can be placed from anywhere with an Internet connection-work, home, library, anywhere!

Perfect for fleet, government agency, dealership or installer accounts. Employees can enter your part number or the OE* part number. *if supported on your current computer system.

Benefits for Distributors

Customers can locate parts and order from multiple branches simultaneously, exposing more of your inventory, increasing turns and simplify part transfers

Increase your chances of getting the order, and move your business up the customer's call list by offering a convenient way to get the order to you.

Eliminate the need to verify and key in messy faxes. Customers can import their stock orders into Nexpart saving your staff hundreds of hours each month.

Extend your business hours without adding staff, paying overtime or creating more HR issues.

Home tab gives your employees online access to weekly specials, product announcements, company news, etc.

Nexpart displays your logo and can tie in with your current Internet website and link back and forth.

Optional tools like Order History, Buyer's Guide and Interchange are also available.

Order History allows users to access their account history with your company online and check the status of orders and credits. They can then print their own invoice copies saving your staff valuable time each month.

Place a manufacturer logo on the site and use co-op money to pay for the site.

Implementation at your business is a breeze with virtually no major training needed or support headaches to contend with. Your current field sales staff can easily introduce Nexpart to employees.

An integrated Lost Sale report with part vehicle application data helps keep your inventory up-t-date.

Outlined to the right are some major areas of Nexpart and how they may be addressed within your business. Share this document with your management and IT staff to assist you when making your decision to implement Nexpart.

Customer Information

You can grant secure customer access to Nexpart in under a minute

Distributor can allow employees to access inventory and place orders at up to five branches. Branches can also be flagged to display the available inventory, but require the user to place his order from his designated branches only.

Branches can be assigned and sorted for each customer

Customer list price and net price are retrieved from the customer file and price matrix

Employees with a PO # required or over-credit issues are handled appropriately

Changes to a customer's file such as name, pricing or credit on the distributor's system will be reflected in Nexpart automatically no extra maintenance required.

Inventory Information

Employees have access to every part in your vendors inventory from every line.

Quantity On Hand is retrieved from Distributor's computer system real-time with every inquiry. It can be filtered to show actual inventory, Yes if you have it or Call if you don't, or up to user requested quantity.

Any changes to the inventory file including quantities, pricing, alternates, descriptions, etc. on the distributor's computer system will be automatically reflected in Nexpart - no extra maintenance required.

Alternates, supercedes and not on file parts are clearly displayed to the user


Our full-line Electronic Catalog with product images is featured on Nexpart. The WHI catalog is an industry leader in data processing speed, years of coverage, and accuracy.

You can allow Nexpart users to access catalog data for any manufacturer in the catalog. WHI updates the catalog centrally every month saving you time. No matter what brand catalog is resident on your system, Nexpart is compatible with your inventory file. Distributors can sort the catalog display for maximum exposure of higher-margin lines.

Order History

Users can access their account activity with the distributor online and print secure copies of invoices or credits. All account activity can be retrieve- online, phone and fax orders included. Substantially reduce the number of phone calls for invoice reprints, the status of credits each month. This is an optional feature.

System Integration

Nexpart can be incorporated into virtually any computer system in the marketplace including custom systems.

Nexpart uses XML technology to communicate with a distributor's system. A very small, simple, secure XML request is sent to your system, retrieved, and sent to the Nexpart server. We can also send requests in formats other than XML such as comma, tab or pipe delimited, etc. A small amount of hardware may be installed on site at the distributor to secure the transaction, while the Nexpart server itself is located in one of the nation's major web hosting facilities - the same facility used by The New York Times.

The distributor's system needs to be Nexpart-Ready. Additional costs may be payable to WHI or your system provider to integrate-ask your provider for details. If you own a custom system or have rights to access the source code, we can work with a programmer to integrate Nexpart into your system. Contact us for details.

Your connection to Nexpart is a secure one allowing valid transactions to pass back and forth. Your data will be protected from Nexpart-related security breaches using state of the art Internet and network security resources.

When the user places an order, a pick ticket is printed. Nexpart prints to default branch printers, or distributor-specified printers

Distributor Requirements

Broadband Internet connection at the computer system main location. Business-class DSL with 5 static IP addresses minimum. Secure network firewall

Nexpart-ready system or access to an XML programmer for those with custom systems or those where the source code is owned and accessible.

Final Overview

Modest startup cost can be customized to include all necessary hardware, on-site training, phone training, website customization and marketing materials.

Your implementation can include optional features such as Order History, Buyer's Guide, Interchange and Shop Management System integration.

Nexpart offers a simple monthly subscription price for each user with low user fee minimums and support costs.

Contact WHI to see how Nexpart™ can positively impact your business. (661) 257-2120 opt #2 or contact via email at

Contact WHI to see how Nexpart™ can positively impact your business.

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