Nexpart Distribution Management Benefits

Benefits to Your Bottom Line

Powerfully Expandable
You need to ensure that your system has the power to suite your present and future requirements. Nexpart Distribution Management is suited powerfully expandable.

Time is Money
Eliminate time wasted creating and placing orders. Nexpart Distribution Management incorporates powerful inventory control providing intelligent min / max calculation (including Economic Order Quantity option), purchase order buying criteria with auto creation based on calendar and or minimum piece or dollar amount. Other features such as automatic "Best Buy" (Lowest Price) Purchasing and number of days to delay reordering by popularity code mean that you have more time to focus on selling.

eCommerce = More Business
Fully integrated into WHI's industry leading Nexpart eCommerce solution. Installers never need to call you; this means they will never get a busy signal. Your installers will get the right part the first time every time. See for more information on how Nexpart will improve the way in which you do business.

It's all About the Data
A comprehensive set of standard automated reports and the ability to generate customized reports, supports significant data mining, detailed sales and business analysis reporting. Standard reports include: Recommended Transfers, Breakdown of Sales and Returns (by merchandise, defects and cores), Sales and Returns Analysis and End of Close. Information can be exported to Microsoft Window© -based programs for manipulation. Sophisticated audit trails ensure that all changes to your inventory are tracked with employee number, date, time, source, (how it was changed) invoice number or purchase order number, customer number or vendor, price, and the quantity on hand before and after are recorded.

Margin Management
Managing your margin is the key to competing with and beating your competition. NEXPART DISTRIBUTION MANAGEMENT is packed full of management tools designed to keep you competitive in your market without losing profit. Some of the highlights include: contract pricing which is easy to maintain with customer specific exceptions, velocity pricing is based on dollar amount and popularity, quantity breaks including multiple levels per part, account receivable volume discounting with exceptions for net price items, promotional pricing with automatic start and end dates, cost up based on specified gross margin with optional price rounding, and much more.

Process and Efficiency Drivers
Your counter personnel are empowered with the tools they need right from the invoice screen. These tools improve counter efficiency which equals more counter throughput and an improved bottom line. Some key features include: the ability to add new customer's right from the invoice screen, simple "yes/no" lost sale questioning, reverse phone number lookup, "buy-outside" tracking, automatic return validation, and much more.

Remote connectivity
How much money are you losing on bogus returns? Nexpart Distribution Management can provide your sales team with a powerful Mobile-POS unit designed to validate a return before it even leaves for your facility. Once validated a return authorization is automatically faxed to your customer.

Benefits for Distributors

SourceIt allows your customers to view your parts, pricing, and availability directly from their Nexpart Distribution Management invoicing screen. At the click of a button they can place an order directly to you. Never worry about dropped or missed calls again. You become the first call since the counter person does not have to hang up on their customer to locate a part.

Private Label Pricing
As a WD you have the ability to update private label pricing to participating Nexpart Distribution Management users. No longer will they have to update prices by hand or rely on outdated price sheets from you. Your prices are updated electronically instantly. Saving you and your customer's time and money.

Non-Proprietary Network
Why pay to communicate with your networks? Nexpart Distribution Management uses the Internet to communicate between your business, other Nexpart Distribution Management, and Nexpart-ASP users. There are no costly proprietary transmission gateways, associated limitations, or costly proprietary hardware involved.

Save Money
Nexpart Distribution Management has a simplified cost structure to best fit the package with your business requirments.


Nexpart eCatalog
Our full-line Electronic Catalog with product images is featured on Nexpart Distribution Management. The Wrenchead catalog is an industry leader in data processing speed, years of coverage, and accuracy.

System Integration

WHI's Nexpart can be incorporated Nexpart Distribution Management allowing you to receive orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Never lose a sale due to dropped or missed calls again. Customers can order parts after store hours for early morning delivery.

Nexpart Simplicity
You installers only require a PC and an Internet connection to order parts through your Nexpart eCommerce site. There is no software to download and the interface is simple and intuitive. Your customers will be ordering from you in minutes via a secure connection protected by a unique login and password.

Nexpart Distribution Management Network
Build and expand your network with Nexpart DM. Expanding your business has never been easier. Link company owned and independent jobbers directly to you via Nexpart DM on demand and an Internet connection.

Yes there is a solution for those customers running a proprietary system. Nexpart-Link provides you with the electronic connection that you need to do business in today's interconnected world.

Final Overview

Modest startup cost can be customized to include all necessary hardware, on-site training, phone training, website customization and marketing materials.

Nexpart Distribution Management offers a simple monthly subscription price for each location. This low rate includes all future software releases as well as customer support.

Contact WHI to see how Nexpart™ can positively impact your business.

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