Nexpart Distribution Management

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Nexpart Distribution Management

Manage your entire business with the #1 web based Distribution Management Product. Thousands of satisfied users.

Nexpart Distribution Management is a powerful web based business management solution designed for your business. Features such as inventory management, purchasing, eCommerce, Point of Sale, & catalog make Nexpart the only solution you need to run your operation whether you have a single location or a thousand.

Our comprehensive Industry specific solutions enable organizations to significantly improve performance and delivers results for any combination of wholesale and retail needs.

Nexpart Distribution Mangement is...

...The Complete Solution
You don’t have time to manage multiple IT vendors. Get results with one phone call: Warehouse and Store Management, Ecommerce, Catalog, Business Intelligence and more.

...The Most Cost Effective
Nexpart is the best value and is designed to reduce your cost of operations. Whether it’s the cost savings of an on demand hosted solution or the automation of ecommerce, WHI will improve your bottom line.

...The #1 Ecommerce Solution
Increase sales with our award winning b2b and b2c eCommerce solution. Innovative modules like Virtual inventory can eliminate stock outs by integrating your vendors inventory to your own, without stocking.

...The Best Support in the Industry
Biggest isn’t always best when it comes to support. WHI consistently beats the competition when it comes to customer ranking quality of support.


  • Choice of databases, operating systems and hardware to custom match to your business requirements.
  • Available as a stand alone solution or web based, our on demand solutions will scale to your needs.
  • Buy it all or just one piece. Mix and match solutions to suite your needs.
  • Open Technology and Compliant with Industry Standards.

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Nexpart Distribution Management Features

Automated Purchasing
Base on min/max, based on sophisticated algorithms and integrated to mobile RF devices.  Maximize turns and minimize stockouts.

Inventory Management
Powerful inventory mangement puts you in control of your inventory.

Full Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and General Ledger functionality as well as Financial reporting.

Award winning ecommerce increases sales with B2C and B2B solutions.

Point of Sale
Automatic Invoicing is fast and easy to use.  Reduce customer wait times and increase satisfaction.

Sales Analysis
Improve your business with easy to use comprehensive analytics.  Measure the performance of staff, suppliers, lines, customers, locations and much more.

Multi Location
Instant access to inventory at branch locations, store to store transfers and consolidated reporting.

Automated System Maintenance
It's on demand, we take care of the system maintenance for you.

Integrated Store Management
Nexpart is the only solution that includes store functionality with warehouse.  Use it for your own business or provide it for your customers.

RF-Paperless Warehouse
Get rid of the mess of paper running rampant in your warehouse. Pick tickets are sent electronically to handheld units. Improve your order accuracy and reduce returns.

Flexible Infrastructure
Unix, Linux, Windows or Web gives you the flexibility you need in your business. Runs in Open environment on non proprietary hardware. Expanding your business is fast and easy.

Mobile POS
What percentage of returns to your facility was never sold by you? Reduce unauthorized returns by empowering your sales force with Mobile POS and its return eligibility verification.

Phone Room
Centralized phone room, supports all remote locations from one centralized location. Parts can be sourced from any location if necessary ensuring that orders are fulfilled.

Virtual Inventory
Integrate your vendors inventory to your own to maximize fill rate and minimize stocking levels.

Pricing Controls
Highly sophisticated discount tables ensure that you sell the right item at the right price without question.

Contact WHI to see how Nexpart™ can positively impact your business.

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"Nexpart Distribution Management lowers overheads with centralized phone room, shipping, and routes inventory from the nearest delivery point."
-Brian Cantagallo, A B & S

"It's a perfect fit. Nexpart Distribution Management is a straight forward, easy to use system. From the way it does Point of Sale, to the way it handles orders, or when we need to look up information about prior customer purchases it just does what we want it to do."
-Mike Maloof, President, World Auto Parts

"Nexpart Distribution Management helps us predict what is needed and when."
-Fred Delacruz, Tidewater Fleet Supply

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