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VIP Shop Management announces integration to Nexpart eCommerce Platform

Posted on: October 23rd, 2019

VIP Shop Management software, designed for the professional repair facility, has just certified their Nexlink integration, making their software compatible with Nexpart based ecommerce technology. Users of VIP Shop Management can now more easily order parts from their preferred supplier using Nexpart, where the two products interact together to save manual keying of vehicle and order data. Check out here:

“Our goal is not just to serve our customers. Our goal is to amaze our customers, and the integration with Nexpart helps make that possible,” says Mark Ismail, founder of VIP Shop Management. VIP Shop Management is now added to the list of all the popular shop management systems that are compatible with Nexpart. Check out our partner list here .

VIP Shop Management is being used across the United States and Canada as a shop management tool for Auto Repair shops and Body Shops.