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Optimize parts procurement using WHI’s upgraded SourceIT Catalog

Posted on: August 6th, 2020

WHI Solutions is excited to announce our new SourceIT catalog design. The update includes familiar Nexpart based vehicle lookup, catalog part sourcing features and an updated catalog result screen.

OEM, aftermarket, and heavy duty parts procurement has become increasingly more complicated for both buyers and sellers. Buyers have several vendors and multiple different methods to order parts from them. Sellers are juggling price, availability, and fulfillment for all their customers everyday. SourceIT solves the problem for buyers and sellers with real time price and availability from multiple vendors across all buyer locations with a unique login.

Continue reading to review the detailed list of all features that have been updated on the latest release.

Vehicle Lookup

Part Search

Catalog Part Results

             Search by Vendor/Seller

Result Filters: (ACES & PIES Attributes Applied)

Part Detail: