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Are you a Manufacturer looking to grow sales and increase brand equity?

First call, own it with Nexpart.

Nexpart eCatalog is the fastest growing and most comprehensive eCatalog of Automotive Part Applications and Service Dealer data available. Nexpart eCatalog contains nearly 500 million applications for replacement, accessories and performance parts as well as product information from thousands of aftermarket parts manufacturers and the most complete source of integrated Service Dealer data anywhere.

Market Presence
Nexpart ecatalog is the number one independent solution in the market and is used by over 100,000 parts buyers to get the information they need to source the correct part. As a subscriber, your products will be made available to our customers including over half of the top 50 automotive parts distributors in the Western hemisphere including North America, South & Central America and The Caribbean. In fact, participation in WHI's Nexpart eCatalog puts your products in:

  • Over 56,000 Counter terminals in locations such as Tire Kingdom, Strauss Discount Auto, WalMart, The Network (formerly IAPA and Parts Plus), Pronto, Federated, Alliance & Tru Star.
  • Over 75, 000 Service Dealers, Fleet and National Chain buyers that use our catalog to source products every day.
  • Over 75 Software products or Websites that integrate our Electronic Catalog.

Nexpart eCatalog offers you unique capabilities to enhance your brand where it matters most, at the point of sale. Contact us to find out how.

eCatalog Subscription Benefits

Industry Standards
AAIA legacy, ACES, PIES and more to reduce your cost of publication.

Fastest Turnaround
WHI publishes your data faster than any other Ecat Vendor. Expect your data to reach your customers in 90 days or less of receipt of a valid file.

Data Quality Assurance
WHI QA's every item of data that it receives prior to release. Rest assured that we take every effort to ensure the accuracy and coverage of your data, BEFORE it reaches your customers.

Nexcat Access
Our all lines Web based Electronic Parts Catalog is a great tool that allows you to view all catalog data as it releases.

Data Qualifiers
WHI identifies specific data conditions, which allow part buyers to more quickly and accurately determine the exact part fitment for the target vehicle.

Parts Interchange
Allows customers to quickly and easily determine the correct aftermarket application for OE and competitive part numbers and links directly to our Buyers Guide.

Buyers Guide
Your parts are included in our buyers guide product which provides 'on the fly' part fitment vehicle profiles.

Part Images
Part images and diagrams can be displayed during lookups allowing customers to view critical information and pictures.

Integrated Service Dealer Data
Repair data includes: Labor, TSB's, Fluid Capacities, Tire Data, Tune-up specs, Brake specs, Steering & Suspension torques, Alignment specs, Component Locator diagrams & Wiring diagrams, an under-hood lubrication guide.

Contact WHI to see how Nexpart™ can positively impact your business.

(914) 697-9400  or Contact via email at

"WHI has been a long-standing supporter of our efforts to develop catalog data standards. WHI helped lead the adoption of our original Catalog Standard several years ago and has taken a leadership position with our next generation standard, ACES. Together our goal is to reduce costs for the industry and make real time data a reality."
-Scott Luckett, Vice-president for technology standards and solutions, AAIA

"WHI delivered by far the best turnaround I've seen to date by ANY eCat provider, especially considering the high volume, number of records, and number of files/brands/companies we are responsible for."
-Gates Rubber Company

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