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WHI Solutions is one of the fastest growing software companies in the country.  We provide web based eBusiness solutions to the Transportation Market.  Solutions include eCommerce, eCatalog, Distribution Management and Business Intelligence.  Our core customers are Automotive and Heavy Duty Parts sellers and Service Providers.  

WHI solutions include:

WHI services distribution markets such as Automotive, Heavy Duty, Hard Goods, Electrical and Marine.


WHI was founded as in March of 1999 to create a B2C ecommerce channel for traditional wholesalers. Word quickly spread from one satisfied user to another and by February of 2000 we had over 1 million visitors per month. During that time we also began to license our technology to wholesale distributors who wanted to do business online. That business began to grow dramatically as well and we had to make a choice. We sold the B2C business to focus on providing better ebusiness solutions for distributors.

Recognizing that a robust electronic parts catalog is critical we purchased Profit Pro in 2001 and in 2003 we purchased EPC and ERP solution provider Macdonald Computer Systems to create a complete suite of integrated solutions that helped companies cost effectively move their business onto the web, increase sales, improve customer service and reduce cost. Recognizing that Software as a Service was "the only way to go", we purchased Icarz in 2006, to add the capability of providing an integrated, web based store management solution

As  a result, WHI has grown into the #1 provider of web based ebusiness applications for the Transportation Industry.  In fact, both Deliotte Touche and Inc Magazine have recognized WHI as one of the fastest growing software companies in the country.

WHI’s “DNA” is web based technology, or what’s currently known as “cloud computing”.  This core competency is part of what set sets us apart from other providers.  That combined with decades of unique and deep understanding of the industry is what allows us to deliver best in class solutions.

Providing the fastest and most reliable applications (Over 99.99% up time) in the industry and delivering 95%+ on time delivery of projects and releases is critical to our customers’ success, allowing them to be first to market with new and innovative products. Also critical is our core competency of deep systems integration allowing maximum functionality and efficiency.  

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