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Nexpart Store Management is...

...The Complete Solution

Our online business suite has everything you need to run your business. Point of Sale, purchasing, inventory, order fulfillment, pricing, eCommerce, eCatalog, automated backups, support, and more. Powerful components, tightly integrated, mean you can run your business in real time and make the right business decisions. Nexpart is also the only system that can provide you with up to the minute information from each of your suppliers, including availability, and pricing; allowing ordering right from your desktop. Single and multi-store locations, buying groups, and corporate stores all benefit from Nexpart's market leading functionality.

...The Most Cost Effective

Because Nexpart Store Management is a web based, you have no software & hardware to maintain.WHI's IT professional staff handles routine software maintenance, backups, and uploads. Start up costs are a fraction of traditional software products and because pricing is subscription based, you pay for what you use, never more!

...The Most Connected

Nexpart connects you to your customers, other stores, and the entire supply chain in real-time. Instantly lookup warehouse pricing and availability, manufacturers' information, graphical schematics, electronic ordering, and much more, on-demand, at the click of a mouse.

...The Number One eCommerce Solution

Tap into hundreds of thousands of Nexpart eCommerce users to grow your business. Cutting edge products like Virtual inventory can eliminate stock outs by adding up to 3MM sku's to your inventory without stocking a single new part number.

...The Best Catalog

WHI updates data faster than any other ecat vendor in the industry. Having the latest model coverage, super cessions, obsoletes and error corrections are critical to closing more sales and preventing returns.

...The Best Support in the Industry

Biggest isn't always best when it comes to support. WHI consistently beats the competition when it comes to customer rankings of quality of support.

...The Most Flexible

Our open and industry standards compliant solution means you decide which hardware and peripherals best match your business requirements. Nexpart Store Management is available as a stand alone solution or web based and our on demand solutions will scale to your needs.

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Nexpart Store Management Features

Sophisticated discount tables ensure that you sell the right item at the right price without question.

Vendor Integration
Automatically locate and order parts from your suppliers directly from the invoice screen. Never lose a sale because you have to call a supplier again.

Search, find, and print copies of old invoices electronically using "Invoice Image"† Get rid of those old invoices and end the time wasted searching through them.

Optimize Your Inventory
Donít let parts proliferation clog up your shelves. Automatically optimize your inventory based on sales history.†

Integrated eCommerce
Award winning Nexpart allows you to receive orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, without adding support personnel

Modern PC Technology
Non-Proprietary, open industry standard architecture, running on standard PC's.† Never pay for costly proprietary hardware again.

Automated System Maintenance
Never waste time on mundane daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly tasks again. Nexpart Store Management has automatic recurring daily, weekly, monthly, and year end closing, automated data backup and automatic system maintenance - no manual purges, shutdowns, backups, etc.

Integrated Multi - Store Management
Control your network by connecting Nexpart Store Management directly to your warehouse. Be the first call all the time.

Contact WHI to see how Nexpart can positively impact your business.

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"The way to get ahead in business to day to be up on the latest technology, Nexpart Store Management is it. Having the upgrades done automatically makes the business run much smoother. Nexpart Store Management is very easy to navigate through the different modules."
- Ron Heinz, Pascack Valley

"The customer service is first class. We usually talk to the same person, and he understands what our needs are."
- John Tompkins, AIM Auto Parts & S

"Being a multi-store operation, adding on new locations is a painless process. Technology is the future. I need to work with a company like WHI that understands the multi-store operation."
- Gene DeAngelo, Brake O Rama

"Nexpart Store Management is an easy system to learn. It is very simple to navigate from screen to screen. You get a real person on the phone when you call. The updates are automatic, I don't need to wait for the next "CD" to arrive."
- Scott Johnson, B & D Auto Parts

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