Inventory Optimization & Stock Life Benefits

Powerful but easy to use
The faster you get what you need from your vendors, the more productive you'll be. Little to no training is required to use Nexpart. There is no software to download and most users are productive immediately, requiring just a username and password. Available 24x7 from a customized site made exclusively for your business.

Designed for your Business
Every business is unique. Nexpart gives you the tools and best practices to create ebusiness that works for you. Our industry specific solutions for the Automotive, Electrical, and Marine Distribution Markets make internet ordering possible for virtually any user multi location end user. Our powerful customization tools allow you to create a feature rich solution that works for you, not the other way around.

Cost Effective
Nexpart is a proven solution that is cost-effective and has excellent, easy-to-use features. We'll show you how to get your employees to quickly become, loyal, regular users. You pay on results and are in control of your spending, so Nexpart fits any budget.

Proven Portable Integration
Seamless and reliable integration to your existing business systems are critical for success. No e-commerce provider successfully connects to more software applications than WHI. Nexpart delivers on the promise of integration by linking easily with enterprise resource applications, point of sale solutions, shop management solutions, accounting systems and more. Nexpart is portable, meaning no matter which business system changes you make, Nexpart stays with you.

Flexible Analytics Solution
Designed to be simple enough for a single location to deploy, yet powerful enough for the world's largest corporations to use, Nexpart's Business Intelligence capabilities are among the most powerful available. Nexpart's Analytics reporting and data analysis solution empowers users to make higher quality and timelier decisions by providing the right information to the right people at the right time. From a single point of entry, users access, analyze, and create reports from information that is customized to their individual needs.

World-Class Security
Will your data be secure? Definitely. WHI provides state-of-the-art security to ensure that your customer data is never compromised. Since inception, we've committed substantial resources to continually developing our world-class security infrastructure. Rather than outsourcing its maintenance, we take complete responsibility for maintaining and upgrading our security technology. The result: unsurpassed data security, privacy, and peace of mind.


  • Upload part numbers and quantities using any kind of delimited file including comma delimited, tab delimited and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets or cut and paste or key by hand.
  • Parts can be uploaded by part number or by vehicles you have in your fleet and selecting the specific components you would like to stock. Nexpart Inventory optimization automatically determines the correct parts that fit your list of vehicles.
  • Results can be exported to a comma separated values file for further use in any existing ordering system.
  • Current prices and popularity codes are provided for all part numbers from the Nuway pricing database.
  • You can build and save multiple projects that can be tracked by location, account number and project description.
  • Quantity counts can be easily reconciled against inventory management system counts. The system even automatically produces a report showing all of the necessary inventory adjustments that need to be made.

Stocklift Tool Features

  • The Stocklift tab automatically cross-references existing part numbers to the part numbers of the line you desire to change in. No update CD's to install. The latest and greatest information is always at your fingertips.
  • One to many part number interchanges are presented to the user for analysis allowing you to easily choose the best part to change in.
  • Dollar value totals for the existing parts list and the parts you want to change in are totaled at the top of the tool, allowing you to adjust quantities to easily create a dollar for dollar match.
  • Core prices are listed for both existing and desired part lines. A core value report shows specific core prices and totals for each project.
  • Uncrossed parts are identified and can be exported to a comma separated value file for reconciliation.

Additional Features

  • The tool comes complete with the full WHI competitive catalog lookup, interchange by part number and buyers guide by part number tabs to allow you to research difficult parts and their applications.
  • Unique logins keep projects separated for each individual user.
  • Users can have the system run complex processes, such as cross-referencing or ranking a large list of parts, without staying logged in. Once the process is done the user is notified via email.
  • Users access the tool with any standard Internet browser allowing access to the system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Our full-line Electronic Catalog with product images is featured on Nexpart. The WHI catalog is an industry leader in data processing speed, years of coverage, and accuracy.

You can allow Nexpart users to access catalog data for any manufacturer in the catalog. WHI updates the catalog centrally every month saving you time. No matter what brand catalog is resident on your system, Nexpart is compatible with your inventory file. Distributors can sort the catalog display for maximum exposure of higher-margin lines.

Distributor Requirements

Broadband Internet connection at the computer system main location. Business-class DSL with 5 static IP addresses minimum. Secure network firewall

Nexpart-ready system or access to an XML programmer for those with custom systems or those where the source code is owned and accessible.

Final Overview

Modest startup cost can be customized to include all necessary hardware, on-site training, phone training, website customization and marketing materials.

Your implementation can include optional features such as Order History, Buyer's Guide, Interchange and Shop Management System integration.

Nexpart offers a simple monthly subscription price for each user with low user fee minimums and support costs.

Contact WHI to see how Nexpart™ can positively impact your business.

(661) 257-2120 opt #2 or Contact via email at

"Offering Nexpart ecommerce to our customers has differentiated us from our competitors like nothing else we've ever tried; this is truly one killer app."
-Mandy Aguilar, The Parts House - Puerto Rico

"Nexpart has impacted our business for the better. It has increased sales from existing accounts as well as given us new opportunities with accounts previously out of our reach. The features in Nexpart convinced these employees to look to us on a regular basis for their daily needs. We have had Nexpart in our company for only a few months, but the increase to our bottom line has been enormous. If we could change anything, we would have involved ourselves with WHI and Nexpart sooner. WHI has created a nearly snap-in program that will definitely pay for itself, and help grow our business."
-KAPS Warehouse

"Offering Nexpart to our employees has differentiated us from our competitors like nothing else we've ever tried; this is truly one killer app."
-The Parts House

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