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As an Electrical Distributor, you are faced with many challenges including how raw material cost will affect your business. In order to remain competitive you need to have access to up to the minute pricing and a system with the ability to change your pricing in real-time based on the latest price information.

Business Challenges

  • Pricing fluctuations based on raw material cost.
  • Inventory valuation / devaluation due to daily fluctuations in material cost.
  • Sluggish inventory turns because your systems are not integrated between stores or with your distributors' systems.

WHI store and distribution management systems can help you optimize your business operations by providing seamless real-time connectivity to the information you need to price your goods at today’s market value.

Internet Connectivity Drives Profitability

Because our solution is integrated with and delivered as Software as a Service, counter personnel will have the right tools and instant access to the right information to make them highly efficient. This means they will have access to integrated pricing, discounting and cataloging. Store managers or owners get more accurate, up-to-date inventory and sales information to make better business decisions. The seamless flow of information provides operational efficiencies up and down the demand chain that enable you and your staff to focus more of your time on serving your customers, not chasing today’s proper pricing.

Nexpart Distribution Management
Our next generation warehouse and store system designed specifically for Electrical supply distributors and retailers. [more]

Nexpart eCommerce
Award winning ecommerce solution with over 55,000 users allows you to cost effectively do business with your customers online. Industry specific catalog from Trade Services powers this terrific solution. [more]

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