Nexpart Link

Make your product more valuable and increase revenue by integrating with Nexpart

What do your customers want?

To collaborate electronically with customers, partners and vendors. Nexpart Link makes that possible.

Nexpart Link makes it easy for Independent Software Products to work together with the Nexpart Ebusiness Suite by seamlessly adding the functionality of Nexpart eCommerce and eCatalog to your software. Your customers will benefit from the best parts look up and ordering experience they’ve ever had, as an integrated function of your solution. You'll benefit by making your product more useful to your customers.

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Contact WHI to see how Nexpart™ can positively impact your business. (914) 697-9400 or contact via email at

  • Nexpart can work with almost any software application, operating system or database.
  • Simple to implement.
  • Makes your application more valuable to your customers.
  • As a Certified Nexpart Link integrator, we’ll help market you to our base of over 55,000 end users 3000 parts distribution locations.
  • Add e-commerce capability to your software without reinventing the e-commerce wheel.
  • AAIA vehicle table compatible.
  • Stock Order or single line ordering capable.

Contact WHI to see how Nexpart™ can positively impact your business.

(914) 697-9400 or Contact via email at

"Nexpart eCatalog is an overwhelming success."

"Nexpart eCatalog is a great tool for us to determine the most-recent, vehicle-specific applications. Nexpart eCatalog's lightning fast data updates gives us the advantage of being first-to-market with the newest products."
-Edwin Robinson, President,

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