Nexpart Inventory Optimization & Stock Lift

Maximize Fill Rate and Minimize Inventory

The Market Leader - #1 Online eBusiness Suite

More distributors rely on the WHI Nexpart online eBusiness suite than any other to get results. Our solutions combine award- winning functionality, proven portable integration, point and click customization, multi-language and the best user experience - the result is that you own First Call with your customers. Nexpart provides Manufacturers, Distributors, Buying groups and their customers with increased customer satisfaction and retention, after-hours orders, decreased returns, reduced operating costs, and most importantly, increased profits. Our 99.5% customer retention rate speaks volumes about our customer’s success with Nexpart.

Nexpart Inventory Optimization & Stock Lift Parts proliferation, increased fill rate requirements, and deep pocketed competition make it more challenging and more critical to optimize your inventory. Nexpart Inventory Optimization is a web based application that calculates the optimal inventory solution by taking into account such factors as vehicle application, order cycle days, lead times, inventory turns, order points, daily demand and safety stock for each part. Proprietary algorithms crunch the numbers. The results are effectively balanced revenue, cost, customer service levels, and inventory.

Successful stock lifts are as easy as 1, 2, 3 with Nexpart

  1. Upload old parts inventory file into Nexpart Inventory Optimization
  2. Nexpart automatically crosses to the new line
  3. Use Nexpart to optimize your lift to maximize fill rate and minimize inventory.

Nexpart saves you countless hours in research by automatically crossing the existing parts in your old line with the corresponding parts in your new line. Nexpart helps you configure the proper inventory mix for the new line. No more swapping out a dead-moving part for another dead mover. Nexpart gets you the right mix for your new line the first time.

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Contact WHI to see how Nexpart™ can positively impact your business. (914) 697-9400 or contact via email at

  • Increase sales by maximizing fill rate
  • Reduce inventory costs by optimizing inventory
  • Improve Customer Service and Loyalty by delivering a “win-win” stock lift
  • Reduce expensive returns by stocking it right the first time.

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Contact WHI to see how Nexpart™ can positively impact your business.

(914) 697-9400 or Contact via email at

"WHI delivers. WHI stands behind their products, services, and commitments every step of the way."
-Modine Manufacturing

"Our customers rely on our member stores to provide them with the parts they need, when they need them. Nexpart is a tool that helps ensure that happens as quickly and easily as possible. By providing better customer service, our customers never have to go anywhere else for their parts needs."
-Mike Kamal, President, Independent Auto Parts of America

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